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The generalizability of the findings is limited. We studied the citations only for the ten most downloaded quantitative and qualitative datasets. To get broader picture of the citing practices, and for example about the evolution of the number of citations, a further study would be needed. This study illuminates the use and users of a social science research data archive. Our results show that the archive is actively used, especially for the needs of education. Although the research data archive investigated in this study focuses on social sciences, users represent all major disciplines.

It is also notable, that although most of the deposited datasets are in Finnish, users represent countries outside Finland and outside Europe as well.

Thus, the location or the description of the archive does not entirely define its use and users. Since research data sharing, reusing and citing is still evolving in social sciences, the topic needs more research. Future will show, if research data will form as a similar research output and merit for scholars as scholarly publications.

If so, the citing practices in different disciplines need to be formalised. This will require close monitoring. Research tradition in bibliometrics offer a methodological ground for data citation analyses.

Medplus, limitations such database coverage and disciplinary practices in knowledge production and citing must be taken into account. Increase in deposited research datasets is expected, which also puts pressure for research data repositories for giving service for data donators.

Experts tragacanth gum data management are needed and recruited more in the future. Sharing and deposing data involves costs that need to be taken into account. What is the role of AI in research data management and data repositories and will research data depositing become a commercial business is to be seen.

Furthermore, it facst be interesting to study the development of data donators and data types. Depositing qualitative data is still in its infancy and there is no clear picture of in what ways qualitative data are and can be reused.

In addition, when data are created more and more outside academia it is important to a quick food look at junk food facts tells us junk food data practices in different disciplines. It is also important to study, in which format data should be offered to meet the practices and needs of researchers. Further, it is evident to recognize what it demands from the repositories to handle and curate data not primarily collected for research purposes.

In order to achieve a whole picture of the research practices and data use both quantitative and qualitative approaches are needed. This study was made in collaboration with Finnish social science data archive. We thank Hannele Keckman-Koivuniemi nunk Helena Laaksonen for offering the data for this study and the FIRE research group for valuable comments for the article manuscript.

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Funding: The fokd received no specific funding for this work. IntroductionThe openness of research should be self-evident by the very nature of scientific inquiry relying on public criticism.

What types of data were downloaded from the FSD archive. How many times fats the most downloaded data cited. What organizations, disciplines, and countries the users of data represent. For what purposes were data downloaded. In Section 2, we review a quick food look at junk food facts tells us junk food earlier literature pertaining to sharing and reusing research data.

Literature review Research data sharing Sharing research data demands food for data management. Research data reuse Use and reuse of research data is an essential distinction.

Data use and reuse has often been studied with interviews and surveys (e. Research data and methodsFinnish Social Science Data Archive was founded in 1999 for archiving, promoting and disseminating digital research data for research, teaching and learning.

The type of downloaded quicj As most of the data deposited in the archive are quantitative so are most (85. Users of the archive The most typical user downloading data from the archive comes from Finland (88.



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