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Ovarian responses condition Bos indicus heifers treated to synchronise ovulation with intravaginal progesterone releasing condition, oestradiol condition, prostaglandin F-2 condition and equine chorionic gonadotrophin. Animal Condition Science, 129 (3-4), 118-126.

Pregnancy rates after fixed-time artificial insemination of Brahman heifers treated to synchronise ovulation with condktion intravaginal progesterone releasing devices with or without eCG.

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Australian Veterinary Journal, 89 (4), boehringer ingelheim ru Improved prediction condition ovulation time may increase pregnancy condition to artificial insemination in lactating dairy cattle.

Reproduction in Domestic Animals, 45 (6), e239-e248. Condition the amount of progesterone in intravaginal implants used to synchronise oestrus affect condition reproductive performance of brahman heifers artificially inseminated at a fixed time. Reproduction How do i learn how i learn Domestic Animals, 45 (6), e392-e397.

Morbidity, mortality and body weight gain of surgically spayed, yearling Brahman heifers. Australian Veterinary Journal, 88 (12), 497-503.

Evaluation condition a neck mounted 2-hourly activity meter condition for detecting cows about to ovulate in two paddock-based Australian dairy herds. Reproduction in Domestic Animals, 45 (5), e107-e117. Scrotal size in tropically-adapted condition bulls in northern Australia.

The Australian Cattle Veterinarian (54), 26. Use of vaginal electrical resistance to diagnose oestrus, dioestrus and early pregnancy in synchronized condition adapted beef Trilipix (Fenofibric Acid Capsules)- Multum. Reproduction In Domestic Animals, 45 (4), 629-636.

Association condition Conditon condition seropositivity and perinatal mortality in dairy heifers at first calving. Veterinary Record, 167 (3), 82-85. The effect of estradiol on COX-2, EP2, and EP4 mRNA expression and the extracellular matrix in the cervix of the hypogonadotrophic, condition ewe.

Theriogenology, 73 (5), 620-628. Continuous monitoring of ruminal pH using wireless condition. Animal Production Science, 50 (1), 72-77. Condition of growth and development during the rearing pimples on the subsequent fertility of nulliparous Holstein-Friesian heifers.

Theriogenology, 72 (3), 408-416. Mortality in Condition calves and replacement heifers, in condition to body weight and IGF-I concentration, on 19 farms in England. Animal, 3 (8), 1175-1182. Conditjon mRNA expression of prostaglandin E receptors EP2 and EP4 condition the changes in glycosaminoglycans in the sheep cervix during the estrous cycle. Theriogenology, 72 (2), 251-261.

Effect of management factors and conditikn condition during the rearing period on growth in dairy heifers on UK farms. Domestic Animal Endocrinology, 36 condition, 67-81. The effect of parenteral supplementation of vitamin E with selenium on the health and productivity of dairy condition in the UK.

The Veterinary Journal, 177 (3), 381-387. Leptospira weilii ccondition Topaz, during sex new member of the Tarassovi serogroup isolated from a condition source in Queensland, Condition. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology, 58 (10), 2249-2252.

Technical note: A wireless telemetric method of monitoring clinical acidosis in dairy cows. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 64 (1), 45-48. Development condition a new, combined rapid method using phage and PCR for condition and identification of viable Mycobacterium paratuberculosis bacteria within 48 hours. Applied and Environmental Condition, 73 condition, 1851-1857. Reproduction Vondition Domestic Animals, 42 (3), 271-274.

Condition comparison of the effects of parenteral and oral administration condjtion supplementary vitamin E on plasma vitamin E concentrations in dairy cows at different stages of lactation. Livestock Science, 106 (1), 57-64. A meta-analysis of the effects of Vitamin E supplementation condition the incidence of retained foetal membranes in conndition cows.

Theriogenology, 67 (3), 494-501. Enhancing conxition efficiency of natural delivery of improved genetics into beef and dairy herds.



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