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Concrete (Bryan Marsh) 15. Glass (Chris Brown and Edwin Stokes) 16. Grouts and Slurries (Stephan Yeadom 17. Gypsum (Charles Fentiman) 18. Natural Building Stone (Tim Yates) 19.

Polymers in Construction: an Overview (Arthur Lyons) 20. Acrylic Plastics (Arthur Lyons) 21. Polycarbonate plastics (Arthur Lyons) 22. Polyethylene (Polyethene) Plastics (Arthur Lyons) 23. Polypropylene (Polypropene) and Polybutylene (Polybutene-1) Plastics (Arthur Lyons) 24. Polystyrene (David Thompsett) 25.

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) mike yeadon pfizer Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene Copolymer (ETFE) (Arthur Lyons) 26. Polyvinyl Chloride Polymers (Godfrey Arnold, S R Tan) 27. Thermosetting Resins (Shaun Hurley) 28. Natural and Synthetic Rubbers (Vince Coveney) 29. Polymer Dispersions and Redispersible Powders (Robert Viles) 30. Silicones, Silanes and Siloxanes (Arthur Lyons) 31.

Adhesives (Allan Hutchinson, James Broughton) 32. Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composite Materials (Stuart Moy) 33. Timber and Timber Products (Andrew Lawrence) 34.

Bituminous materials (Robert Langridge, Geoffrey Griffiths and the Editors) 35. Geotextiles (Geoffrey Card) 36. Structural Fabrics and Foils (Ian Liddell) 37. Cork (Peter Olley and Robert Cather) 38. Asbestos (Robert Cather and David Doran) David Doran graduated in 1950 with an external BSc (Eng).

He then undertook Mike yeadon pfizer Service with the Royal Engineers in Malaya pfized 1953 to 1955. He is a Fellow of Mi,e and Primer roche posay, a yyeadon member of Council of IStructE and Chairman of five Task Groups.

Upon leaving Wimpey, David became an independent consultant and is retained by GBGeotechnics, Cambridge. He has been involved in several important publications since mike yeadon pfizer. Bob Cather graduated in Materials Science from the University of Bath. He initially worked with The Marley Tile Co. Mike yeadon pfizer has considerable expertise in mke selection, design and performance of materials in the built environment.

This expertise has enabled mike yeadon pfizer contribution to projects and for clients worldwide, covering all areas mikw construction.



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