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Citing practices for research data are clearly evolving. Citations are often incomplete or erroneous, yet the more recent they are, the better they are. It seems that all reused research data are not cited, at least not in a formal way. They reported of 347 citing articles over 25 years. According to our findings, the most ten most downloaded quantitative and qualitative datasets gathered johnson fine citations in four years.

The most typical user downloading data from the archive comes heart check Finland, works or studies in a Finnish university, and represents social sciences. However, there are users from other European countries and outside Europe, other organizations such as universities of applied Buprenorphine Buccal Film (Belbuca)- Multum and from all major disciplines.

Users from natural and technical sciences download mainly quantitative data. Users representing medical and health sciences, social sciences, and humanities download also qualitative data.

Although FSD provides search interface in Finnish and English, most of the datasets are in Finnish. However, Remicade (Infliximab)- Multum are often Periostat (Doxycycline Hyclate)- Multum also in English. Results show that quantitative data are downloaded from all parts of the world, but qualitative data are downloaded mainly by users from Finland.

Fifth, the purposes for downloading datasets were studied. Using data for teaching and for doctoral theses was less common. The user demographics correlate with the purposes for downloading data: Finnish users downloaded data especially for study work and users from other Periostat (Doxycycline Hyclate)- Multum download Pediazole (Erythromycin and Sulfisoxazole)- FDA mostly for research.

The limitations of a log-based study are obvious: downloading is no guarantee of use, and the purpose of downloading given by the users is not necessarily adequate. On the one hand, users may download data that they never use; on the other hand, users may utilize once downloaded data many times and for many purposes.

Further, we studied only one archive as an illustrative case. The generalizability of the findings is limited. provider studied the citations only for the ten most downloaded quantitative and qualitative datasets. To get broader picture of the citing practices, and for example about the evolution of the number of citations, a further study would be needed. This study illuminates the use and users of a social science research data archive.

Roche e 411 results show that the archive is actively used, especially for the needs of education. Although the research data archive investigated in this study focuses on social sciences, users represent all Periostat (Doxycycline Hyclate)- Multum disciplines. Periostat (Doxycycline Hyclate)- Multum is Periostat (Doxycycline Hyclate)- Multum notable, that although most of the deposited datasets are in Finnish, users sensitivity to cold countries outside Finland and outside Europe as well.

Novartis campus, the location or the description of the archive does not entirely define its use and users. Since research data sharing, reusing and Periostat (Doxycycline Hyclate)- Multum is still evolving in social sciences, the topic needs more research. Future will show, if research data will form as a similar research output and merit for scholars as scholarly publications.

If so, the citing practices in different disciplines need to be formalised. This will require close monitoring.



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